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One of the growing areas in sport entertainment is NFL fantasy football betting. Just when you think it can't get any bigger, it continues to do so. NFL fantasy leagues are popping up all over, as more and more fans of the game become involved in an arena that makes it a ton of fun to participate in. But there can be a lot more to it than simply playing in a year-long fantasy football league. Welcome to, there we talk about all of the available options to bet on NFL fantasy football online.

Betting on NFL fantasy football takes the components of fantasy football and sports betting, and meshes them together to form a unique aspect in sports betting. It's a relatively new concept that has taken off over the last couple of years and been formed into a multi-million dollar per season industry as well. Here, you will learn what fantasy NFL betting is, how it can be done, and where it can be done.

Differences + Similarities In Fantasy Betting vs. Prop Betting

We explained briefly that fantasy betting combines the arenas of fantasy football and sports betting. But the closest related thing to fantasy betting would be player prop odds. For those of you who might not know, a player prop betting line is formed for a player based on their performance for an upcoming game. This is mostly just for skill position players, such as quarterback, running backs, and receivers. So you can see how this can be similar to fantasy football, because the selection is based on a player performing well during the season.

What fantasy betting on the NFL does is let a player wager on a fantasy football team for the day or week. It's not a season-long fantasy league. Bettors can pick new players every week to compete against one, or thousands of other teams that are formed. The better your players do, the more points you get. The higher the point total for the week, the better the chance you have to win whichever daily or weekly league you happen to be in.

NFL Fantasy Betting Sites

Fantasy betting sites are among the most popular betting sites relating to the NFL today. These sites see thousands of new teams formed every day during the season. The best part about these sites is that they can operate legally in the United States as well, because fantasy betting is excluded under sports betting laws. There is only a few that are worth playing at, but that is truly all you need.

The sites below are what we call daily fantasy sites and this is where you should be playing if fantasy games are your target. These sites allow you to draft a team using a salary cap and enter that lineup into different contest where you can win tons of cash. And when I say tons, just think about the fact that one of the Daily fantasy sites are giving away $2 million to the winner of their week 1 NFL contest. The 2 sites listed below are the absolute best places to play fantasy football for cash and we hope to see you there.

FanDuel - The #1 Place On The Web For Weekly + Daily Fantasy Betting

FanDuel Fantasy Bonuses : Varies Rating :

FanDuel is our most popular fantasy betting site, with a great section for NFL fantasy football wagering. FanDuel is based in New York but they have an international office in the UK since they have expanded. FanDuel fantasy games allows users to create daily and weekly NFL fantasy teams within a salary cap range to then be entered in different groups or leagues. Users can join a group with their friends, or at random.

The buy-ins for the different leagues can be anywhere from $1 upward of several hundred dollars or even more. The cap on the number of players in a league is very high as well, with some leagues having thousands of participants and paying out hundreds of the top positions. FanDuel accepts deposits in the form of PayPal and Visa for easy and quick funding.

DraftKings - Million Dollar Guaranteed Tournaments For Week 1 Of NFL Season Each Year!!! Bonuses : Varies Rating :

One of the drawbacks to playing fantasy football is the length of time and commitment there is to one team. has solved this problem, and still managed to turn it into a way that you can make some money and have some fun. Enter your best salary cap based fantasy football teams at DraftKings for daily and weekly tournaments and cash in when you nail the right lineup.

The premise of DraftKings is simple and easy to follow. Users will catch on very quickly and find out how they best want to play. Whether your go-to tournaments are daily leagues, weekly leagues, or a combination of, DraftKings allows for players to manage their teams how they see fit. You get to select a new team every time you enter a tournament if you want, paving the way for plenty of action all year.

Top Daily Fantasy Football Sites
Best Feature
Private Tourneys / 10% Avg. Rake
Flex Position For TE/WR/RB

NFL Fantasy Football / Player Proposition Betting Sites

Player prop odds for the NFL are very popular, giving bettors the chance to wager on outcomes outside of the game lines such as betting the spread. The best part is that there can be dozens of different player prop odds formed for a single matchup. So in any given NFL week, there can be several hundred play props to wager on. Check out some of the top sites to bet NFL props below.

Bovada Sportsbook - More Player Proposition Wagers Than Any Other Sportsbook

Bovada Sportsbook Bonuses : 50% - $250 Rating :

The selection that bettors will find in the NFL section under player props at Bovada Sportsbook is almost unparalleled. The fact of the matter is that Bovada Sportsbook does it as good as anyone. Bovada will have player prop odds for every NFL game on the schedule during the regular season and in the playoffs.

For the Super Bowl, Bovada can have more than 100 prop odds for that one game alone! The prop odds will cover a wide range of different outcomes, which will obviously hinge on the position that they are. All of Bovada's player props can be found even without an account. But to wager, an account will be needed.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Usually Has Odds Like Props Up Before Other Sportsbooks

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses : 25% - $1K Rating :

The sportsbook at BetOnline covers plenty of NFL player prop odds and game prop odds as well. While Fantasy betting has to do with the players, BetOnline has player prop and team props. Player prop odds are formed in the days leading up to the matchup. In fact, as the game gets closer, more prop odds for players can be formed. Odds found on Friday might have increased from odds on Tuesday.

BetOnline is continuously trying to provide their players and account holders with new betting lines to check out, so the prop section for the NFL is one that is always growing during the season, through the Super Bowl. - Traditional Player Props But Also Offers Live Prop Wagering During Games Bonuses : 50% - $500 Rating :

SportsBetting is one of the best for NFL player prop odds and team props. They provide competitive payouts, and oftentimes try to incorporate unique props that get away from the run-of-the-mill betting lines that you might be accustom to seeing at other sportsbooks.

Within the player props section of the NFL at SportsBetting, account holders will be able to wager on dozens of outcomes from each games during the season. These lines are formed days in advance to give bettors plenty of time to get in on the action. SportsBetting also has daily future odds which reflect each team's odds to win the Super Bowl based on whatever happened most recently.

Top NFL Fantasy Sportsbooks
Bovada Sportsbook
Up To $250 / 50% Match Bonus
BetOnline Sportsbook
25% Match Good To $1,000
YES Sportsbook
50% Match Good To $500
5Dimes Sportsbook
$520 Available / 50% Match

The Impact + The Future Of NFL Fantasy Betting & NFL Player Prop Wagering

Fantasy betting and player prop betting are two of the most exciting types of wagers that can be made. Rarely can you find a type of bet that can have so many different and unique outcomes. These wagers have definitely changed how NFL betting and fantasy football is looked at, for the better.

The good news is that there are plenty of prop betting odds out there spanning a variety of sportsbooks, so those are easy to find. And for Fantasy betting, it's a growing industry but with each passing NFL season there is tangible evidence showing just how popular it is. We definitely recommend checking the sites out we mentioned and to see for yourself how it works.